About our Fishing magazine and conservation

Welcome to the new revamped Charbles Fishing Blog and Magazine and conservation.

We have completely revamped our website into magazine type formula. It is now also a magazine covering all aspects of fishing throughout Europe. We hope to attract many people to contribute articles and information to the site from fishermen from all European countries. Hopefully we will attract articles from well know anglers offering advice to fishermen and also from fishermen who are, like us very aware of the need for fisheries and nature conservation.

One of our primary functions will not only be fishing but also the conservation of fisheries, fish stocks and nature in general. Fishing is the worlds largest participation sport and we can all contribute to a better understanding of what nature offers us. It’s a sad fact of life that many people just simply and blatantly abuse our planet for there own ends, no more so the many fishermen who willfully discard their used tackle and bait on the river/lake banks. Hopefully we can attract contributors who feel as we do and want to make people aware of the ecological damage they can do.

Please enjoy our site and good fishing.

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