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Primarily i am a feeder fisherman. Whilst i do fish float and ledger, feeder is my forte.

I see here in eastern Europe just about everyone fishes float, irrespective of what they are out to catch and conditions. I have seen many fishing deep water lakes (5 meters) and deeper with sliders, wagglers and all kinds of different abortions from what resembles a pike float to a newly fired arrow. They only seem to use either sweetcorn or red worms as bait. They wonder why i catch more and better fish than they do, and then return them back to the water at the end of the day. Well the simple truth is i dont have to worry about mixing kilos of hard ground-bait to get it down to attract the fish. I have a much more simple solution which works equally as well on fast rivers and shallow water.

My tip is have a good feeder rod. 12ft and light action. no more that 4bs line and decent size 12 or 10 hooks. The feeders i use are maggot feeders either 10 grams or 20 grams nothing lighter and nothing heavier. As i said i dont mix hard ground bait to feed my swim. Its more than adequate to mix dry ground-bait with your maggots and simply fill your feeder with that mix. you can also use mashed sweetcorn mixed with dry ground-bait instead of maggots and corn as hook bait or even mashed red worms and red worm as bait. The same applies to river fishing especially fast water where barbel are known to congregate.  If i am lucky enough to find a nice wasps nest i will follow exactly the same procedure which incidentally is a perfect way to fish for carp.

Really its all down to using a different approach which many should try. All this nonsense about using this and that is merely a commercial innovation to get you to sped lots of your money to keep up with the jones,s  The pic by the way is me fishing a 7 meter deep swim on lake tsonevo for silver bream and the featured pic is me with a 8 lbs carp caught using wasp grub as i described. 

Give it a try, you will be amazed at the results you will get.

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