conservation. (Editorial)

I think this photo shows what conservation is all about. a wild hen salmon being returned after being caught.

Many will say, ah but this would make a nice meal. Yes it would, but our river stocks of wild salmon have been grossly depleted due to commercial fishing in our river estuaries. if people fancey a bit of salmon to eat then its cheap enough in the supermarkets to buy. Here in Bulgaria we actually have a commercial salmon fishery in lake Dospat. you can go and fish to your hearts consent and catch a nice succulent salmon for your meal or BBQ. (Limit one fish per person per day) the rest must be returned for another day. The same applies for course fish. Many private fisheries for carp roach pike and etc. You go and fish to your heart’s content and take your daily limit, but you pay for the fish you take. Just like trout fisheries in the UK. I can never understand why this is not applied in many European countries. After all fish are a staple diet for many and the business opportunities are immense for any entrepreneur 

Yes you will always get the greedy people who want to fish rivers and lakes and take a net full of fish for their own consumption and pay nothing, but with correct policing by us all we can stop a great deal of that practice. The trouble is most fish breeders are only interested in selling huge quantities to fishing clubs to restock rivers and lakes. I read many blog posts over east Europeans taking fish to eat. Many are highly critical of this practice and quite rightly so, but until some people decide to invest in a new and rewarding business the practice of taking fish to eat will never stop. After all its a natural food source as is fish caught in our coastal waters. I wonder how many of you go the sea fishing to catch to eat. Is their really a difference.

I think the time has come to re-educate the policy of many of the angling associations Europe wide and for them to provide commercial fisheries instead of buying up every available fishing venue for their members and forcing fishermen to join or have an ever dwindling number of venues they can fish from

And no I don’t personally eat fish I catch I return all to the water because to me it’s a sport but to others its a essential part of their lives and cultures.

The photo shows a catch of fish from a commercial fishery here in Bulgaria. A nice plump 2 lb roach and three whitefish (zander) between 1,5 and 2,5 kilograms. incidentally in most of our lakes and dams a 2 lb roach is very common. The fish shown were caught in a private commercial fishery and cost the fisherman 5 British pounds. Conservation is not only saving but providing in order to conserve..

Herer is a link to an interesting site on fresh water fish conservation


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