Match Fishing in Europe and eastern europe.

Match fishing was my forte as i said in earlier posts. I have been a match fisherman for over 40 years fishing all over the northern half of the uk from Nottingham up to Scotland. Sadly since i emigrated to spend my retirement in sunny climates here in Bulgaria, that has vanished completely from my fishing calendar.

I have yet to find a course fishing club in Bulgaria let alone Varna where i live. I miss the match circuit of the UK and the chance to win trophies. Oh the happy times i spent on the Trent, witham, yorkshire and Teesside rivers. For some explicable reason fishing clubs in Bulgaria and other east european countries appear to just not exist. Maybe it’s because many are busy fishing to fill their freezers of fresh caught fish. Having made exhaustive enquiries over the 5 years i have ben here i havent found one single fishing club or a match program. Sad but true.

Maybe its down to cost or travelling I don’t know but the potential here in Bulgaria for fishing matches is huge at worst. Catches of 20 to 30 kilograms of fish are very common place for the pleasure angler, a match fisher mans dream. Can you imaging the weigh in at UK matches where 20 kilos wouldn’t even win a section prize let alone the outright winners trophy.

I have seriously though about trying to start a fishing club dedicated to match fishing, but having only a very small command of the Bulgarian language is a huge hurdle to overcome, even though most matches would have to be held on lakes and dams. There are over 50 such fisheries within 100 kilometers from where i live that could hold large and successful matches and i have no doubt that sponsorship could be obtained from some of the leading tackle manufacturers and importers. I don’t think that the local municipalities realise that the economic benefits from matches would bring a benefit to local businesses,  pubs, bars, cafe and etc.

As it is for now, i will keep trying and eventually find a group of sporting fishermen that have the same view as myself and that eventually we can get something on the go and start from their.

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