Weather chaos in central and eastern Europe.

Its that time of the year, but has the weather never been this bad, not in many decades for eastern and central Europe.

I have lived in Varna for 6 years and reports from Bulgarians tell me its the worst weather they can remember. Night time temperatures as low as minus 22, thats Siberian weather. Even my wife who is from Siberia is feeling the cold. Heavy blizzards and drifting has caused chaos nation wide. Fishing is a decided no go anywhere. Polska lake varna, frozen over. Vetrino lake frozen, Tsonevo dam frozen Nikaelevska lake frozen Iska dam mostly frozen Montana lake mostly frozen. Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Poland and many others are suffering as badly. And to add to our worries snow water in the rivers is causing wide-spread flooding. 

The black sea around Varna has a frozen shoreline. Reports of the same from Burgas and Constantia too. The Mandra dam is unfishable. all these coastal areas are supposed to be temperate regions with mild winters. Going west as far as Italy the reports are similar. Heavy snow and freezing conditions. And the current reports state this will last for at least another two weeks. Being a mountainus region eastern Europe is used to bad weather and snow but this present arctic blast has caused wide spread disruption to many earea and mountain villages. emergency services are working very hard to free trapped motorists and to get essential supplies to outlying and mountain villages.

It is reported that many have died and mas=ny more suffering from hypathermia

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