Extreme weather stops fishing in eastern Europe

Its been a long time since central and eastern Europe has experienced weather like we now have at this time.

Talking to many fishing friends in eastern Europe, they all say it’s the worst weather they have experienced in many decades. Most fisheries, dams and lakes are frozen over. Here in Bulgaria fishing is at a complete standstill apart from the very brave few who like ice fishing. Hardest hit are, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Poland. Albania and as far across Europe to Italy are also very badly hit. Even northern Greece is hit hard.

The average winter temperature for Varna where i live is plus 8 cels. So far this month we have experienced day time temperatures of minus 9 cels and night-time temperatures of up to minus 22 cels. This is Siberian weather. Not that my wife is worried as she comes from Krasnoyarsk Siberia. As for me i am happy to sit in front of the fire with my dog and relax to ponder the fishing i am missing.

Chaos abounds on the roads with many mountain villages and fisheries totally inaccessible. We have many private fisheries here which are primarily businesses and whose lakes are shallow waters, no more that 4 feet (1.3 meters ) deep. Their is growing concern that many fish will be lost. These fisheries are an important food source too for the population. People pay 5 or 10 leva a day and fish for carp or catfish which they then keep and pay the owners ( only 1 carp or catfish a day is allowed, maximum weight 4 kilos ) {Pretty much the same as trout fisheries in the uk.

Current forecasts suggest this weather will prevail for at least another 2 weeks with more heavy snow and blizzards to come. For up to date regional forecasts visit Wunderground regional weather forecasts. its a very good service and excellent for fishermen worldwide to keep up to date with weather in their region. here is the link https://www.wunderground.com/

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