Woman and fishing (Editorial)

Some will say why a woman holding a carp she didnt catch. Well she did and well done.

From time immemorial fishing has been a male dominated sport, but i ask the question why?? To us men its a relaxation from the humdrum of work and daily life. a chance to reflect and take the challenge of man versus fish and a chance to be at one with mother nature. But what about our wives, girlfriends and daughters. I wonder how many of you have said to your other halves “come on let’s go fishing together”.

Here in eastern Europe we are blessed with an abundance of fishing, rivers, lakes dams and private fisheries. Good fishing with an abundance and variety of fish and fishing. But more to the point places where we can actually take our families for a day out or even for weekend. Many venues in eastern Europe have centers where they cater for families too. Beautiful lodges that cost next to nothing for a few days, with many things for the families to do. most have swimming pools, all have BBQ,s and mehanas (Taverns) children’s play areas cable tv and etc.

Its common place in eastern Europe for wives and families to accompany their husbands on fishing matches spend the weekend at a lodge and have a good family event. Many women even fish themselves in matches, and i hate to say it but out fish us men too. 

So guys, there is a place for our women (and children) in our sport or is fishing the last bastion of male solidarity.???

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