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This is our new and revamped site which is now not only a blog but also a full magazine appertaining to all aspects of fishing European wide. It’s important that any website and or magazine has much content to attract readers and or visitors We would therefore invite fishermen and tackle manufacturers to become contributors to articles and content to the site.

Fishing clubs and match secretaries  In our category Match Fishing we are going to add Matches and results. We would ask match organisers to submit matches to us, date and venue and followed up by results. We will cover your matches and add photos of the match and or weigh-in. Just submit to us in your natural language and we will do the rest for you.

Fishing articles We would ask fishermen to submit articles of interest. we will edit and translate and then include your article in the relevent category. It’s important we have photos, links to any websites and at least one photo of the contributor.

Tackle and fishery reviews It would be excellent if you, as fishermen would submit to us articles reviewing new tackle you have used or new venues you have fished. Submit in your natural language and we will translate and edit accordingly. After a period of time, once we get to know a contributor that person will be given access to the site and be able to submit their own article directly. All submissions must have photos and wherever possible links.

Conservation We would very much like articles submitted concerning conservation. Fisheries management and nature in general. This is an important aspect of the site and we wish to have very useful and meaningful articles.

In all cases after a period of time contributors will be given access to the site and classed as editors. Thats why we ask for at least one photo of all who submit. All submissions will be copywrite to protect us and the contributor. Thank you.



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