Amazing Lake Fishing in the Balkans.

Lake fishing for me is just what i like. Yes i do fish rivers, but at my age (75 this year) I prefer not to lug kilos of tackle along a river bank when here in the Balkans i can drive my car almost to where i want to fish.

I have picked three lakes 2 in Bulgaria and one in Macedonia that i will focus on as they cover all fish species in all European countries.

The Iskar Dam  Bulgaria’s largest dam holding approx 650 million cubic meters of water up to a depth of 45 meters. Iskar dam is fed by the Iskar river. It hold huge stocks of common and silver bream. Also large quantities of perch, pike, roach, rudd, catfish, Trout,, very large carp and crucian carp. In most areas you can drive to the water’s edge or no farther that 50 meters away. Fish with float or feeder to suit yourself, but for bream and carp feeder fish about 20 to 30 meters from the bank in about 12 feet of water. To float fish it is better to fish about 5 to 10 meters out in 3 meters of water. Many fish from boats and fly fish for trout or fish in deep water for catfish or spin for zander, pike and perch.

Dospat Dam. Probably the most beautiful dam in Bulgaria. It’s very much like the Iskar dam but only 1/3rd the size. It has two differences though with regards to fish you can catch. There is a large head of sunfish which can be a nuisance at times and most importantly a salmon breeding complex which you can fish for salmon. But you pay for this and limited to one fish per day which you pay for.. You are taken out by boat to the pens and fish from pontoons. 

Dorjan lake Greece and Macedonia  Dorjan lake is the most remarkable lake you could ever fish. It has every still water fish you could think of including tench and a massive head of quality crucian carp catfish, carp and good quality perch. Small roach can be a nuisance. Apart from Star Dorjan which is a tourist attraction the entire lake is surrounded by reed beds, so to fish this lake you would need a boat. I fish from Alex Beach and rent a holiday apartment and boat with outboard motor for an all in total of 18 euros a day. As i said its a remarkable fishery in so much it is only 15 meters deep at most but 4 meters deep from the reed beds. Its fed by countless mountain streams and in the evening when water stillness comes you will be amazed at the number of fish rising.

There you have it. just three lakes in 2 countries that offer more than any other lakes you will find in Europe.

Macedonia fishing
Great fishing lake


Dam fishing in Bulgaria
The Dospat dam


Iskar dam
The iskar dam Bulgaria

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