River Fishing in the yorkshire dales part 1. River Nidd

I wouldn’t be true to my homeland if i didn’t include articles about fishing in the Yorkshire dales where i was born and brought up. Pool in wharfedale was my home on the river wharfe. But this article will be about the river Nidd.

The River Nidd rises in Nidd head Spring and meanders into 3 reservoirs before making its way down to Nun Monkton where it runs into the Yorkshire Ouse. I have fished The Nidd many many times and was a member of the Knarseborough angling club for a number if years. It’s a wonderful water for all kinds of fishing. The upper reaches are for the fly fisherman with a good head of wild brown trout and good quality grayling. The middle and lower reaches are a course fishermans dream. It holds a large quantity of Dace, chub, barbel, roach, pike and perch and some carp. I usually fished just below Knarsborough for chub and barbel. There is a fantastic number of swims holding these fish. I will not name some of the villages it runs through as you would think i was drunk, but trust me the whole Nidd dale is a wonderful beauty spot for tourists.

I always fished for either Chub or Barbel except when fishing in a match. Its one of the few river i used float tackle very often but still used feeder as well. Unless you have been to Nidderdale and the river you simply cannot appreciate the wide variety of swims available and fishing options. As i said chub and barbel were my preference and i have caught many. Chub to 4 lbs and barbel to 7 lbs. Bait again you have many options, maggot, corn, bread, worms, cheese, luncheon meat or wasp grub. My favourite was wasp grub or luncheon meat, both fished on either float or feeder. If you are wanting a good days fishing go to the Nidd, get a daily ticket and enjoy your fishing, it will be great.

wonderful nidd chub
Super barbel
A perfect nidd barbel
nidd grayling
good grayling
good trout
wild nidd trout
best place to fish
perfect spot

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