Carp Fishing for Crucian carp in Bulgaria.

I am going to break with the trend here and write about Crucian Carp. Yes there are many waters here that hold large stocks of big carp but for me i like the smaller species which for me is far more exciting.

One of my favourite venues here in Bulgaria is Vetrino lake, a small private fishery close to Varna where i live. It costs 5 Bulgarian lev a day to fish ( about 2 pounds sterling) and it is a commercial fishery with some very big common carp and massive fresh water crayfish. For the crucian angler bulgaria is a dream as every pond lake dam all hold huge stocks of crucian. Ok they don’t grow as big as what you can catch in Sweden but 2 pounders are common place. Most private fisheries like Vettrino are shallow waters usually no more than 6 feet deep and they provide a service for people to catch fish to eat which will make many true crucian anglers cringe but its a food source over here so we dedicated types have to live with that. I really wish someone would buy or rent a water and turn it into a dedicated fishery for crucian carp anglers.

Look at photos of crucians and you see a beautiful fish, not a pot-bellied monster like many common carp and others. And, pound for pound they fight better than their big brothers. I know in the UK crucian fisheries are few and far between and the fish is often much maligned, and i ask why. Why do dedication carp anglers look upon crucians as non entities, is it because they are big fish glory hunters, i just dont have an answer to that.

There is a dedicated crucian website here which i would recommend anglers to read. Some very interesting pages and photos. The photos for this article have been taken from free stock photos at google so i hope the site owner doesn’t mind me using them.

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