Catfish fishing in Bulgaria

Fishing for catfish is basically big fish fishing, although some do fish  for them as a food source the world over. 

The biggest catfish ever caught was in the Mekong delta weighing just over 694 lbs and 9 feet long. It was reported as the biggest freshwater fish ever recorded. However lake tsonevo in Bulgaria may well hold the record for the biggest fish. A few years ago a team of american biologists did a survey to find out why tsonevo dam has so many big fish of all species. It’s a deep lake, over 100 meters in places and they were advised not to carry out under water test, but they went ahead. During a dive they came across a dead catfish. It was a wels, over 11 feet long  and weighing an estimated 325 kilograms. That is the reason why Bulgarian police divers have been banned from underwater searches for suicide victims in the lake. Some have been attacked by giant fish. One was supposedly killed by a fish.

I fish Tsonevo dam frequently not only for wels but for other fish as well. However i can say i have caught many catfish they’re up to 25 kilograms. Oh! what great sport it is to have a fish that size bending your rod. I only use two baits on this dam. 1. chicken livers or 2. frogs, both of which will give results. You can also get results by spinning lures in what shallow water their is (6 feet approx) but that will only give you fish up to 4 kilos.

There is also very good wels fishing in the Bulgarian part of the river Danube. I have fished twice both at Tutrakan by the islands stretch. I caught a couple of small cats, but on my second visit I went with a couple of locals from the town. I was using a small dead bait when I got this bite and struck into  what i though was a submarine. The fish set off like a torpedo and stripped all  250 meters of line off my reel without even stopping. Non of us saw the fish, but the locals who were with me said it was probably a Baluga which are in this water. Thats fishing I suppose. Apart from the honour of catching and being photographed with the fish before i returned it to the river.

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