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Its been a long time since i went sea fishing. I did at one time used to go every week when we had a caravan at Reighton Gap on the Yorkshire coast near Filey and Scarborough. For me they were good old days where i could catch a couple of nice cod or pollock and enjoy fresh fish and chips during the week

Sadly those days are now over for me. I retired to Bulgaria with my wife Tamara and pursued my true love, Course Fishing for Crucians and Bream and the odd Catfish. However i have sea fished the black sea around Bulgaria from time to time, mostly from the shore and on a couple of occasions from a boat. Sea fishing here is very seasonal with grey mullet and needle fish being the main fish to catch. Sadly, due to pollution the Black sea is dying with fish populations dyeing out at an alarming rate. The best times to fish are from June to September. Boat fishing a couple of kilometers off shore is best but as i said fish stocks are no longer there now.

Yes i have caught a few Mullet and Needle fish at times but you are looking at 3 or 4 fish as a very good days fishing. Not like it used to be with up to 30 fish a day being the norm and those fish you do catch are small. Maybe 300 grams with the very odd fish up to 500 or even 600 grams. Boat fishing is better though, as with all deep water fishing you have a bigger selection of fish to go for. A major problem here is Dolphins. Many pods of up to 15 dolphins all vying for the very fish you are trying to catch.

The rare times i have boat fished have not produced significant catches of fish, although one time i remember we hit upon a shoal of Palamont. ( Black Sea Tuna ) I caught 2 not big about 3 kilos each. My Russian wife was very upset when I wouldn’t eat the fish. She is, like all Russian wives a wonderful cook but she can never understand why I will only eat atlantic and that regions fish. The truth is the Black sea is so badly polluted the fish just do not taste like fish should and god only knows what bacteria they carry. Oh for the days of fishing again from Filey brigg catching and eating fresh and good quality fish.

black sea tuna
sea fishing
a nice cod from filey brigg.


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