Fishing banned due to H5N8 bird flue outbreak

Fishing  banned in efected areas. Bulgaria, like many Europen countries is currently suffering a major bird flu outbreak,

The H5N8 virus, which is highly contagous has been reported in 5 regions of Bulgaria and not only in domestic produced birds. It is now affecting and being carried by migratory birds. So far outbreaks are reported in the following regions. Vidin, Vratsa, Plovdiv, Sofia and Yambol. All fishing in waters that hold flocks of migratory birds is banned which is just about every where in the 5 regions mentioned.

I dont think it unreasionable to point out to everyone that this disease is highly contagious and can wreak havoc if contacted by humans. Please respect the fishing bans for all our sakes.

It is also reported that avian flue has been reported in Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania, as well as over 16 other European countries All flight paths for migratory birds . This is a major outbreak by any standards.. Also the spawning season starts march to June and migratory birds do pick up fish eggs on their legs and lower body and then deposit them in other waters. 

Also it has been reported that two dead swans were found on the beach in Varna, and its rumoured that others found along the black sea coast from Constantia to Burgas. This is a very serious outbreak so it is important we all be vigilant and report any bird death you come accross. 

A copy of part of the article as posted on Reuters  Bulgaria has already introduced a nationwide ban on poultry markets and has banned fishing in lakes and wetlands inhabited by wild migrating birds. 

Here is the latest link and update


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